1. ____you satisfied with your life?
2. Does she like____ in the evening?
3. He____ short straight hair.
4. Spiders____ move very fast.
5. Is there____ milk in the fridge?
6. We____ for Rome tonight.
7. If I were you, I____ harder.
8. The Louvre____ by millions of tourists every year.
9. He____ the phone down when it____ again.
10. She told us it was the best trip she____ on.
11. She prefers casual clothes____ show off her natural beauty.
12. My sister recently won a trip to____ New York, where she visited____ Statue of Liberty and went on a carriage ride through____ Central Park.
13. Unless it____ we____ go to the beach.
14. By the year 2050 we____ a way to get rid of rubbish without damaging the environment.
15. Everybody likes holidays, ____?
16. I wish I____ work such long hours. Then I could spend more time with my family.
17. During the day we can hear the traffic passing___, which can be quite disturbing, but fortunately there is a park just___ our building, so we have a pleasant view of grass and trees___ our living room windows.
18. Her brothers, both of____ are university students, enjoy going surfing at weekends.
19. Mary and George were____ because they didn’t want to wake grandpa.
20. I would rather visit the museum than____ to the opera.
21. “If you miss training again, I’ll drop you from the team!” The coach____ to drop him from the team.
22. Sophie goes to the cinema once in a____ moon. She doesn’t like it much.
23. Thinking about all the work I have to do before my exams makes me feel very____.
24. Tamsin broke her mother’s ____ Ming vase.
25. You____ that. You’ve upset her now.
26. I’m saving up so that I have a decent____ when I’m old.
27. “Be taken aback” means:
28. Jackie had her jacket____ at the dry cleaner’s.
29. If I were you, I’d keep away. I’m feeling very____.
30. The play was a____ success. Everyone loved it.